[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the EU Council and Parlement just agree on the main provisions of the F-Gas revision, AFCE is keen to inform you about the publication of a report we ordered with the financial help of ADEME and UNICLIMA on

Alternatives to high GWP HFCs
In Refrigreation and Air conditionning applications 

This study , launched in june 2013, has been performed by the french Consortium EReIE, ARMINES and CEMAFROID driven by Denis Clodic, Expert, former director of the Centre d’Energétique et Procédés of Ecole des Mines of Paris and CEO of EReIE

This report presents very clearly all alternatives already existing or under development, application by application, with other refrigerant or technologies. 23 « application » factsheets allow in a short view to judge on its viability and see the advantages or disadvantages of any alternative solution and also discover the possibilities and limits for the modification or replacement of actual systems driven with HFCs.

Standarts and reglementation are also extensively described that may influence the choice of decision people. It is important to notice that many alternatives use more or less flammable refrigerants which implementation will request questions and standart or reglementation aligment, specially on security problems.

All types of refrigerant, chemical ones (HFC, HFO) and natural ones (ammoniac, CO2) are necessary to match with all various refrigeration and Air conditionning application. The requested temperature level, energy performance, security level, total cost are the main factors for the final choice of a refrigerant.  However whatever the refrigerant is , everybody should care on the most leakfree equipement and make sure that the alternative solution enables reduction of direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases.

The 130 pages document, and the A3 format factsheets are published here in englisch language and should allow many professionnels and endusers to make the right choice. The french version exists in this website under the same article under « actualités en France ».

Download the final report « Alternatives to high GWP HFCs in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications »


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