Australie 1er août 2001

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Australie 1er août 2001

Accident survenu à un farouche défenseur des fluides frigorigènes aux hydrocarbures.

Compte rendu en anglais.

This afternoon Michael Bennett picked up a story about our old friend Dr Maclaine-cross.

The story has subsequently been checked out by WorkCover NSW and others, who advise:
On 12 July Dr Maclaine-cross was conducting a demonstration of the safety of HC refrigerants, before an unspecified audience at UNSW, using his own vehicle.

Unfortunately, the demonstration resulted in an explosion, injuring Dr Maclaine-cross and one other. Their injuries required medical treatment, but not hospitalisation.

An incident report has been filed with WorkCover, who are investigating.

We are advised that, as it is illegal to put HCs in a MVAC in NSW, the investigation could well result in criminal charges being laid against both Dr Maclaine-cross and the University. The review of HC controls in NSW is continuing, and this incident will provide a useful input.

Kind Regards
Steve Anderson
Executive Director


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