Belgique : Explosion d’une bombe de Hairspray

Une salle de bain est partie en fumée lors de l’explosion d’un conteneur de laque pour cheveux. Heureusement, personne n’étant dans la pièce à ce moment il n’y a pas eu de blessé.

Compte rendu en Anglais

A leaking hairspray exploded last Sunday, causing large material damage, but fortunately no personal injuries. The explosion followed after the mother switched on the electric heater with fan (installed on the floor). Then she left the bathroom. The explosion blew out the bathroom window and ceiling, leaving a big hole in the roof. As the house had no gas-heating, it looked a strange phenomena. An expert identified the cause. Propane and butane, replacing CFC’s leaked from the can. As the gas is heavier than air, it was ignited by the electric fan heater.